Manuscript submission

"Proceedings of LPM2021" will be published online after the symposium. All auhors are requested to submit their full papers to "Proceedings of LPM2021".

Manuscript submission due date: June 11, 2021 -> Extended to JUNE 30, 2021, JST.

Manuscript template: LPM2021_manuscript_template_rev20210114.doc

Copyright transfer form: LPM2021_CR_form.doc

Paper Submission website (not for abstract submissions):

About JLMN: The LPM2021 authors have a chance to publish their proceedings manuscripts in an online "Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering (JLMN)" ( free of charge. The manuscripts will be peer reviewed. Authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to this Journal should submit them online at the above-mentioned URL. Please be sure to checkmark "LPM/LAMP symposium" in the "Type of Submission" upon your submission, so that the JLMN publication fee is automatically waived.

If you would like to submit your paper only to the Proceedings of LPM2021, please checkmark at "LPM/LAMP symposium (Proceedings Only)" at "Type of Submission" section.