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LPM2017 Award Winners

Outstanding Student Paper Award (Oral)

Mr. Yasutaka Nakajima, Keio University, Japan

"Fabrication of silver/PDMS composite microstructures by using femtosecond laser" (Th1-O-5)

Mr. Manuel Johannes Pfeifenberger, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

"Preparation of samples for micro-mechanical tests using femtosecond laser ablation" (Th3-O-3)

Mr. Stefan Janssen, Fraunhofer ILT, Germany

"An improved scanning strategy for long pulsed laser drilling of carbon fiber textiles" (Th3-O-5)


Outstanding Student Paper Award (Poster)

Mr. Edgaras Markauskas, Department of Laser Technologies, FTMC, Lithuania

"Optimisation of P3 laser scribing process in thin-film solar cells"P-22)

Mr. Akinao Nakamura, Kyoto University, Japan

"Suppression of crack and stress generation in glass welding using picosecond laser with high repetition rates by temporal modulation of laser pulse energies"P-33)

Mr. Ryo Kihara, Ehime University, Japan

"Nanofiber formation of copper Pc induced by pulse laser excitation in organic solvents"P-39)

Past winner