About JLPS

Welcome to Japan Laser Processing Society (JLPS)

The 21st Century is the Light, Photon or Laser Age.

Laser, one of the greatest inventions in 20th century, is characterized by artificial "light" with a coherent wavelength and phase. Since laser was first recognized in 1960, it has been utilized to a great number of industrial applications together with the increase in laser power, the improvement in beam quality, and so on.  Laser has gained great popularity as promising processing technology with high quality, high precision, high performance, high speed, high production, good flexibility and low distortion.  The 21st century is called "the Photon Age or the Laser Age", since laser is widely used as fiber communication, CD, printers, hologram, bar code readers, operating surgical knives, lasik, and so on in addition to materials processing.

Mission of JLPS Activities

The performances of lasers for materials processing are being enhanced year by year, and many promising applications to be treated with lasers are increasing in the industrial fields.  However, the laser applications are not satisfactorily performed.  In order to properly utilize lasers, the laser processing technology should be developed on the basis of "laser science" for enhancement and systematization and "production technology" for manufacturing of high quality goods, as well as the number of researchers and engineers for lasers and their processing should be increased. Japan Laser Processing Society (JLPS) is a non-profit professional organization for support to scientists, researchers and engineers with the objectives of developing both "laser science" and "production technology". Our mission is to foster laser scientists, researchers, engineers and users for lasers and laser applications by offering or exchanging seeds research results in universities and research institutes and needs in the industrial fields.