SLPC2022 Outstanding Poster Paper Award winners: Congratulations!

1st place: SLPCp-05

Effects of Laser Irradiation Conditions on WC Particle Size and Hardness of WC-Co Cemented Carbide Processed by Directed Energy Deposition

Prof. Yorihiro Yamashita, National Institute of Technology, Ishikawa College

2nd place: SLPCp-11

Real-time observation of molten pool shape in keyhole-type welding for stainless steel using a 16kW disk laser

Mr. Tomoki Arita, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kindai University

3rd place: SLPCp-12

Investigation of keyhole dynamics in laser welding of pure copper using in situ X-ray observation system

Mr. Shumpei Fujio, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University