The First Smart Laser Processing Conference 2014

Co-located with Optics & Photonics International Congress 2014

主催者/Organizer: 一般社団法人レーザ加工学会/Japan Laser Processing Society (JLPS)
会期/Dates:平成26年 (2014年) 4月22日(火)~4月24日(木) / April 22-24, 2014
会場/Venue: パシフィコ横浜・会議センター/Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan

会議/Conference WEBSITE: SLPC2014

オプティクス・フォト二クス国際会議(OPIC - OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2014) において開催されます。
レーザ加工技術の現状、次世代のレーザ加工のトピックスまでをカバーいたします。 また、レーザ利用に関する8つの国際会議が同時開催され、

Laser beam processing has played an important role in industrial fields of not only macro-products but also micro-products,
and its technologies are essential to open the new stragegies of smart manufacturing process.
SLPC2014 deals with science and technology of smart laser materials processing including micro and macro laser processing.
SLPC2014 is planned as three-day event with a plenary session and oral sessions. The aim of this conference is to provide
a forum for discussion of fundamental aspects of laser-matter interaction, the state-of-the-art of smart laser processing,
and topics for the next generation with fundamental scientists, end users and laser manufacturers. We expect that SLPC2014
would play an important role not only for understanding fundamental knowledge of laser processing but also forecasting
future technologies and the future laser processing fields.

During the conference, Optics and Photonics International Exhibition is held jointly at the conference site.

Proceedings of SLPC2014:
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The Second Smart Laser Processing Conference 2016
第2回スマートレーザプロセス国際会議 (SLPC2016)

Co-located with Optics & Photonics International Congress 2016

主催者/Organizer: 一般社団法人レーザ加工学会/Japan Laser Processing Society (JLPS)
会期/Dates: 平成28年 (2016年) 5月17日(火)~5月19日(木)/ May 17-19, 2016
会場/Venue:パシフィコ横浜・会議センター/Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan
会議/Conference WEBSITE: 

多数のご来場ありがとうございました。 Thank you very much for joining us in SLPC2016!

連絡先/Contact: SLPC2016 Secretariat

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