LPM Topics

1. Fundamental aspects (dynamics, modeling, simulation, etc.)
2. Photochemistry
3. Process monitoring and control
4. Nanotechnology
5. Laser-based direct-write techniques
6. Ultra-short pulse laser processing
7. VUV laser and X-ray processing
8. Advanced laser sources
9. Advanced laser processing (Fiber laser, disc laser, FEL, etc.)
10. Beam shaping
11. Surface treatment
(Texturing, cleaning, annealing, modification, etc.)
12. Nano ripple formation
13. Micro-patterning, Micro-machining and micro-structuring
14. 3-D micro- and nano-fabrication
15. Drilling and cutting
16. Welding and bonding
17. Micro-forming
18. Wafer dicing
19. Marking and trimming
20. Packaging and mounting process
21. Lithography (including EUV source and application)
22. Manufacture of micro devices and systems
23. Film deposition and synthesis of advanced materials (PLD, CVD, etc.)
24. Nano- and micro-particles
25. Optics and systems for laser microprocessing
26. Laser devices
27. Free electron laser material processing
28. High-power, single-mode fiber lasers
29. Glass/Ceramic processing
30. Medical and biological applications
31. Industrial applications
32. Others
33. Special Session (SS1): Lasers and nanoparticles in liquids
34. Special Session (SS2): Optimisation of laser ablation processes using ultrashort pulse lasers
35. Special Session (SS3): Laser processes for packaging of high power electronics and energy storage systems