LPM Topics                                                                                                                                      


L-01.     Fundamental aspects (Dynamics, modeling, simulation, etc.)

L-02.     Process monitoring and control

L-03.     Laser and photochemistry

L-04.     Nanotechnology

L-05.     Laser-based direct-write techniques

L-06.     Ultra-short pulse laser processing

L-07.     VUV laser and X-ray processing

L-08.     Surface treatment (Texturing, cleaning, annealing, modification, etc.)

L-09.     Advanced laser processing (Fiber laser, disc laser, FEL, etc.)

L-10.     Micro-patterning and micro-structuring

L-11.     Nano ripple formation

L-12.     Micro-machining

L-13.     3-D micro- and nano-fabrication

L-14.     Drilling and cutting

L-15.     Micro-welding and micro-bonding

L-16.     Micro-forming

L-17.     Wafer dicing

L-18.     Marking and trimming

L-19.     Glass/Ceramic processing

L-20.     Packaging and mounting process

L-21.     Lithography (including EUV source and application)

L-22.     Manufacture of micro devices and systems

L-23.     Film deposition and synthesis of advanced materials (PLD, CVD, etc.)

L-24.     Nano- and micro-particles

L-25.     Medical and biological applications

L-26.     Optics and systems for laser microprocessing

L-27.     Laser devices

L-28.     Beam shaping

L-29.     Industrial applications

L-30.     Others

L-31.     LPM Special Session (L1)     gLaser synthesis and processing in liquidsh

L-32.     LPM Special Session (L2)     gLaser coloring using short and ultrashort pulsed lasersh

L-33.     LPM Special Session (L3)     gLaser processing of glass materials: current status, trends and futureh



HPL Topics


H-01.     Fundamentals of laser-materials interactions

H-02.     Laser-induced plasma/plume

H-03.     Gas laser

H-04.     Solid-state laser (YAG, Fiber, Disk, etc.)

H-05.     Diode laser

H-06.     Green or blue laser

H-07.     Optics

H-08.     Beam delivery system

H-09.     Monitoring and control (including OCT)

H-10.     Metallurgical and mechanical aspects

H-11.     Modeling and simulation

H-12.     Cleaning

H-13.     Surface modification (Hardening, quenching, alloying, etc.)

H-14.     Cladding and rapid prototyping

H-15.     Additive manufacturing (3D Printer)

H-16.     Welding

H-17.     Welding of thick plate

H-18.     Welding of high strength steel

H-19.     Welding of light metals and alloys

H-20.     Joining of plastics, glasses or ceramics

H-21.     Joining of dissimilar materials (Plastic to metal)

H-22.     Joining of battery or fuel cell

H-23.     Remote welding

H-24.     Hybrid welding

H-25.     Brazing and soldering

H-26.     Drilling (High speed and high quality)

H-27.     Cutting (of CFRP, etc.)

H-28.     Thick plate cutting and dismantling

H-29.     Industrial applications 

H-30.     Innovative applications (Sandwich panel, etc.)

H-31.     Present status and future prospects

H-32.     Others